Cheap Tripping With Friends

Are the summer holidays coming up leaving you two whole months to do absolutely nothing? Why not take a trip somewhere? Travel the world? But no money to spend on expensive air tickets and fancy hotels? In today’s context, that is hardly a problem. While travelling does not come super cheap, it is relatively affordable if played smartly. Here are a few ways in which you can enjoy a trip with your friends at an affordable price.

Do not spend on air travel – travel by road

Air travel is relatively a lot more expensive than other forms of travel. Unless you have absolutely no choice, do not resolve to travel by air. If possible, discuss with your friends and decide on a location and a route which can be reached via road or train rather than a faraway destination which requires you to spend large amounts of money on air tickets. If you are travelling via road, there are cheap rent a car Abu Dhabi options available and if it is large crowd.

There are bus rentals whereby you can rent a whole bus for the crew to travel in. This will allow you the freedom of travelling at your pace and time, which is a luxury otherwise lost when using public transport. This is also cheaper than using your own separate cars and usually a lot more fun.

If you are using public transportation, make sure to plan your trip well in advance, schedule an itinerary and book tickets on the respective trains or buses, so as to avoid long ques and delays at stations. However, as mentioned before, this reduces your flexibility in travel plans significantly and you will be required to stick to a strict schedule at all times. If you are in for a more adventurous experience, play it by ear, however, be ready to hitch hike with strangers and travel in the back of trucks as seen in movies. If you are playing by ear, be ready to experience all the most horrible things which happen to people in movies, however, it is a lot more exciting than having an exact schedule and knowing exactly what is going to happen next.

The Lodging

Another hack in saving money, is to travel in overnight trains or buses. In this case, you will still be travelling to your required destination, but will be removing the cost of lodging for that one night. However, it is bound to be a lot more uncomfortable than sleeping in a bed, but some overnight trains do offer night cots, so it might not be all bad.

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