Effects Of Urbanization To People

Urbanizing will result in both good and bad for the townsfolk. It is in the hands of the designer to do proper town and country planning and implement effective strategies which will not result in any drawbacks which would make the population of the town wish to go back to their old rural village surroundings. However, it is inevitable that there will be both pros and cons in this matter of urbanization. Even when handled carefully, there will indeed be some that complain of losing the beauty of the area due to industrialization. Therefore, when designing such, the environment needs to be preserved in every way so that the there will be no foreign feeling to those living around. Following are some of the adverse effects which need to be taken into account and be resolved in order for the urbanization to be successful.

Society related matters

As urbanization begins, the population will increase, thereby constructing more houses within crowded areas. This will result in overcrowding and slums will be born, paving way for crimes in the city. This is a great issue that is being faced in the current world which needs more attention. Not only that, the birth of slums will also arise with poor sanitary facilities problem where many will not have access to proper sanitary facilities, forcing them to use other unhealthy methods which are harmful for the environment.

Economic effects

Economically, many workers will tend to shift from agricultural jobs to industrial jobs, resulting in less people willing to take up farms. There will be lack of facilities such as medical and technology which will discourage many to invest in businesses revolving around the selected area. Therefore, before stepping into any decisions, an engineering consultants group should be contacted for better directions on planning.

How it’ll affect psychologically

Unpredictable and unexpected as it may be, even street traffic tends to create mental instability within people. This is considered as an adverse effect of urbanization. Therefore, engineering consultants need to take into account about this matter when the road construction is taking place. In addition to that, due to urbanization, there will be lack of land which will not allow people to engage in agricultural activities, thereby making them a group of dependant individuals.

There is still some good left…

However, although it does have some adverse effects, urbanization isn’t always bad. Urbanization allows the area for real economic growth due to higher job opportunities and high employment rates with the growth in the population. Also, new technologies will be introduced to the old school towns and direct them towards the future.

Therefore, urbanization always comes with pros and cons which need to be managed wisely.

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