In-House Businesses

To have your own business that you can run from home will be a very special thing. This means you can spend more time with your friends and family.

Different home businesses

In house businesses are a popular concept nowadays. With the internet and technology being so advanced there is no need to leave your house anymore to start or grow a business. This is especially true in the Dubai Silicon Oasis. This is an area which is completely controlled by the government and is a free-zone. It promotes modern industries that are technology based, with a master planned community that is urban, state of the art technology and businesses that are in-house.

Laundry Silicon Oasis can be a growing in-house business in the area. Many businesses outsource there dirty linen. This is not a good answer to your washing needs. It is a costly fix that only will work in the short term and it will take control straight out of your hand. A good long term answer which maybe your only one is your own in-house service.

By performing a laundry service like this you will reduce your overheads, reduce your linen inventory so you will reduce your costs, your clothes will have a longer linen life, control and the availability of stock, there will be increased flexibility- you will get washing of clothes on demand, your transportation costs will be completely eliminated and your own personnel will be handling your clothes so they will handle it with extra care.

Real estate agents and their offices

All you need to get started is a brokerage license or you need an agent. They have low operation costs so it will be easy to start and run. However business depends largely on the health of the economy.

The disadvantages

Starting your own business at home is a dream but it does also have its pitfalls. It can cause isolation. One of the beautiful things of starting your own business and going to work is meeting new people. You will miss out on making new friends, having a chat about a sporting event at the water cooler or getting help from the person next to you. This may also affect your future because you will meet less people so have less contacts. You may also find it difficult to work with other people and be a part of a team in the future. Link here to gain ideas about dry cleaning in Dubai.

You have to develop a high self-discipline. Just because you are at home you cannot watch television all day and sleep in. You actually have to get work done and sometimes it will be hard to motivate yourself to do the tasks that you have.

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