Is It Worth To Register An Enterprise In The Free Zones In The UAE?

Of all the types of company registration options open to investors in the UAE, free trade zones are the most lucrative options. In fact, there are significant parties worldwide looking to startup companies overseas. Businessmen would consider various features, terms, etc. when considering international investments such as licenses, registrations, taxes and so on. Therefore, one of the essential requisites is drawing up a strong business plan and working with a local agent of that country. With that said, UAE is an amazing destination for investors for various reasons. However, the article would be focusing on trading activities conducted in the free zones.

Given that, there are many types of free zones to start up a company for instance this includes Dubai, Ajman, Fujeirah and so on. Over the years, these zones have been subjected to significantly considerable growth attracting more and more businessmen. Hence, apart from tourism, investors continue to visit the various regions in UAE to grab these deals. Given that, are you aware of the various benefits, features, etc. that are popular among these trading zones? If you’re in search of information, here are some pros of investing in these regions:

 Many free zones to choose

Investors have the opportunities of choosing to start a company in any of the zones. You could identify the functions that best match the investment decision and corporate operations. For instance you could open a company in Dubai media city, Jebel Ali, Fujairah free zone and so on. However, it should be noted that the laws, regulations, licenses, etc. are implicated according to differing terms.

 Foreign ownership of businesses

Businessmen around the world invest in projects that yield them better returns with minor costs and regulations. Therefore, a benefit of running an enterprise in the UAE in a free zone, LLC and so on, is the granting of 100% ownership to foreign investors.

 Exemption of taxes and granting of other concessions

Furthermore, investors are able to enjoy various tax concessions (zero percent) would otherwise be charged against personal and corporate. This is valid for a term of 50 years, which the licenses and DMCC visa for the enterprise, is issued by the DMCC officials.

 Wrap up businesses with 100 percent returns

If an investor decides to close down the company and return to the home country for various reasons, they could get the capital back. The initial investment, which could be repatriated are subjected to examination, depending on the performance of the enterprise over the years.

The attractive concessions and other features that are offered to investors are greatly utilized to expand businesses. Hence, allowing different investors following varieties of businesses to thrive and market the brands, services and products. Therefore, considering the aforementioned benefits, you would be able to understand where the enterprise would stand, if you intend to start a company in the UAE.

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