Tips On How Not To Over-Spend In Your Trip To Dubai

Anyone in the tourist industry can tell you that now-a-days, the “classic” traveler is quite different from the times of before. The travelers of today don’t have a lot of money to spend on the usual tourist trappings, nor do they have extensive plans. The times of huge luggage and rented vehicles are almost a thing in the past. Yes, we know that there are those who still prefer to travel and explore in style and luxury. But today’s average traveler is he who walks into the unknown with simply a backpack full of clothes, and a long list of things to do and see.

But this can be a little hard to do in a lavish city such as Dubai. Here are a few of our tips and suggestions on how to help you not to over-spend in your trip to Dubai.

Be well informed.

This is the age of the internet; which means information is just a few taps of the keypad away. By being well informed of the places that you intend to visit, and the prices of what it’s going to cost you, you can not only be prepared financially, but you can also figure out how to cut out the extra costs.

Pre-book and look for deals.

Most of the tours that you might be interested most probably will cost you far more than you’re willing to pay if you make last minute reservations. This is regardless to whether it’s a cheap desert safari, or a reservation to a tour to the mountains. Also, most leading tour agencies and companies offer deals for tours and safaris on special dates. Keep an eye out for them.

Flight and hotel fares.

If you’ve found an overnight desert safari deal during your search online, then you’d have found out how important it is to pre-book for the tours and safaris. Likewise, it’s also important to preplan your trip and pre-book your flight tickets and hotel room. Even if you don’t plan on staying at a hotel, it’s important to pre-book and be well aware of the place you intend to stay at to avoid unexpected surprises.

Do a comparison.

Whether it’s about your flight tickets, your hotel price, the tourist guide fee or simply the restaurants you intend to eat at, always be ready to compare their prices. There are many websites found only to help you do exactly this. Remember, the less you spend on travelling and accommodations, the more you can spend on seeing Dubai.

Don’t be a mad shopper.

Without a doubt, Dubai is a Shopper paradise. It being a tax free city-state makes it possible for its shoppers to buy things for much cheaper than mostly anywhere else on Earth. This being said, it’s also important to remember that it’s very easy to get carried away in all of it. Keep a budget for your shopping, and don’t let yourself spend more than that. have a list of family and friends you want to buy mementos for; this way you don’t end up buying a random load of things.

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