Upgrading To Windows 10

Windows 10 had been around for over a year now. If you are doubtful about whether to upgrade to this popular operating system, now would be an ideal time to decide. It is relatively new compared to the other operating systems in the arena, and you have given the developer the adjustment period to adjust the bugs and the flaws in the system in upgrades, and upgrading to it now will relieve you of the stress of going through numerous procedures to get around these bugs. Therefore if one decides to upgrade to Windows 10, this time would be a good choice.

You will be able to know all the good and bad features that are featured in the operating system. Good features such as the higher speed would enable you to perform better with your computer whereas you will also be able to find the relevant antivirus software on the internet that are optimized and made for Windows 10. Windows 10 is known for encouraging the touch screen aspect of the computer and also for bringing back a different version of the start menu. These features are generally praised and these can be enjoyed as well once the upgrade is done to Windows 10.

There are a few features of Windows 10 that users do not find very attractive. One of them is the inability to run certain games and software without crashing. But since some time has passed, there will be versions of these .exe files that are optimized for Windows 10. Another reason is the inability to find decent antivirus for Windows 10. There are few of them over the internet, but the reliability of these software are to be questioned. However, there are a few sites that genuinely offer good antivirus for your operating system and sometimes it is also offered free of charge.

Generally considering, Windows 10 is a good operating system that has a few defects that could be rectified easily. Upgrading to Windows 10 can be considered in this time. You will also get the chance to use the operating system for a few years and mastering the art of controlling it when you upgrade to Windows 10 now. However, upgrading it to Windows 10 or not is a true choice of the user and they have the choice to not upgrade it just like the Windows XP users were not too fond of Windows vista, resulting in the users not upgrading the operating systems. Therefore, one should make a choice on whether to upgrade to Windows 10 according to their own preferences.

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