Your Guide To Whiter Choppers

Although we spend a considerable amount of our time and effort (not to mention money) in maintaining ourselves, for some reason our teeth are often forgotten about. It is unfortunate seeing as how the first thing you would do when meeting someone is smile. Additionally, first impressions do last and in some cases such as interviews, you only ever get just the one chance to make one. Diet and habits such as smoking are some of the main contributors to yellowing, dull teeth. Though it is tough to make a change overnight, you must make an effort to introduce it gradually until it becomes a part of your lifestyle. However, with time everything deteriorates so you will need to bring in the big guns at some point. Here, you will get a look at some of the main options people turn to for whiter teeth.


For those of you who are too occupied with work and family concerns, teeth whitening Dubai strips offer a great respite. Basically, they are ultra-thin strips that are practically invisible but coated with chemicals that aid in lightening the shade of your teeth. They are also pretty easy to use, seeing as how all you need to do is place them over your teeth for the specified duration of time for a certain period of time. Usually, most strips require you to use them for upto 2 weeks until results begin to show which happens within a few days. Depending on the product used, you could sport your new teeth anywhere between 3-4 months.


Trays are quite similar to aligners which helps you picture how it works if you are wondering. This is yet again a home remedy and is effective to a certain extent. As is the case with most of the products manufactured for this purpose, a peroxide-based gel will be provided with the trays. You then need to place the tray and leave it on during the day and at night for a certain number of hours (in some cases all night) for some time. How long you need to stick to this routine is entirely subjective based on the level of discolouration and restoration required. However, it does mean that if you work from home or have time to spare it can be easily achieved.


Needless to say, none of the home remedies related to getting that Hollywood smile Dubai really match upto the results at the dentist’s office. With good reason too, seeing as how that is the place that has all the tools you typically cannot get over the counter. Not only is it one of the most effective options in terms of results, it is also one of the quickest. In fact, you will be able to notice a visible change after just one visit which is saying something. Complete whiteness really depends on how badly discoloured your teeth are, however professional treatments work wonders. It does cost more than the other though so do bear that in mind.


It does not matter how many types of treatments you employ in a bid to achieve sparkling teeth if you do not make a change to your life. Granted you might love your tea/ coffee and wine paired with a cigarette, however they are only rapidly returning your teeth to their old state. Over and over again you will find yourself spending money to rectify the situation only to get back to square one. Although yes you cannot really give up that nice glass of wine on a lazy evening, try reducing the consumption of stain inducing food and drink. You will be able to spend less on treatments and maintain longer results.

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